In May 2017, John Bildahl and Miss Yumi Vong teamed up and created the Annapolis Pin Up Project. They began the hunt and within a couple months, started collecting modern portraits of the different characters that work in the service industry throughout downtown Annapolis. As of August, they have done photo shoots with over 115 individuals ranging from hostesses and servers to bartenders and owners from over 25 locations.

Annapolis Pin Ups from Behind the Bar is the first show of its kind in this city and the beginning of an ongoing project which will be featured locally and in time, nationally. After moving back to Annapolis from NYC last fall, Miss Yumi was impressed with the growing local culture involving old-school and new artists, musicians and restaurateurs. This project began as a way to document the silent yet important faces from behind the bar and is now blossoming into an evolving snapshot of our beloved “Naptown”. Our goal is to capture and commemorate the heart and soul of downtown Annapolis and share it with our friends, family and the rest of the world for years to come. Annapolis is as hip as it’s ever been and we can’t wait to see what else our quiet, quaint town has to offer!